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What is the check engine light

check engine light

Your vehicle check engine light is an integral part of your vehicle maintenance. When you see a service light on in your car, truck or van, you should never ignore it. Instead take initiative to see what the service light…
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ELM OBDII Bluetooth Adapter Review

OBDII Bluetooth Adapter

OBDII scan tools are evolving almost on a daily basis, thanks to the computing power of modern day cell phones. It used to be that if you needed a OBDII trouble code pulled from your vehicle, you needed an expensive…
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How To Use a OBDII Scan Tool

OBDII scan tool

Your check engine light is on, and it’s beginning to worry you quite a bit. The flashing yellow OBDII trouble code indicator is known as the Malfunction Indicator Lamp, and it’s a way to help identify what’s wrong in your…
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Chrysler Sebring P0108 – Test MAP Sensor

Chrysler Sebring P0108

The manifold absolute pressure sensor in your Chrysler Sebring is a huge part of your EFI system. As your engine is running the MAP sensor sends the real time values to your engine computer. Based on these signals the computer dictates…
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Chevy Silverado P0135 – Test your O2 Sensor

Chevy Silverado P0135

The oxygen sensor in your Silverado can foul out over time or even fail all together. When this happens chances are you will see your Chevy Silverado check engine light turn on. For some of the later model trucks this…
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Honda Accord P0123 – Test your TPS Sensor

Honda Accord P0123

Over time the throttle sensor in your Honda Accord can go bad. When this happens your engine computer won’t know exactly how far you are opening the throttle body, and your Accord check engine light will turn on. Use a…
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Honda Civic P0135 Trouble Code – Test your O2 Sensor

Honda Civic P0135 Trouble Code 3

The Honda Civic P0135 trouble code in your late model Honda signifies an issue with your oxygen sensor heater element. The specific code for the P0135 OBDII trouble code is Primary Heated Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction. It means there’s a…
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