Monthly Archive: October 2014

P0107 Ford 5.0L – Test a Ford MAP Sensor


Problems with your manifold absolute pressure sensor can arise from age or heat or the combination of the two, leading to your Ford MAP Sensor causing a P0107 Ford trouble code. The OBDII check engine trouble code is about the…
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P0120 Ford 4.9L – How To Test a TPS


The P0120 OBDII trouble code is a throttle position sensor error, specifically regarding the range of the signal being sent. Your throttle position sensor (TPS) tells your Ford Powertrain Control Module (PCM) how much the throttle blade is opened. Using…
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P0100 Nissan 3.3L – Test Your MAF


It’s never a good time when your Nissan Malfunction Indicator Lamp lights up on your dashboard, only to reveal the P0100 Nissan OBDII trouble code. This check engine light is signifying a problem that exists in your Nissan Mass Air…
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P0123 Toyota 1.8L – Test your TPS Sensor


The P0123 Toyota OBDII Trouble code is indicating that something is wrong with your throttle position sensor. The throttle position sensor is a basic potentiometer that reads the degree that the throttle body is open. Today I’ll be showing you…
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