Monthly Archive: June 2015

P1120 Ford 4.6L – Test a Crown Victoria TPS


The P1120 Ford OBDII check engine trouble code has to do with the throttle position sensor in your Ford Crown Victoria. This sedan is widely used and recognized as being used by peace officers as their main means of transport,…
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P0123 Honda 1.7L – How To Test Civic TPS


When the scan tool for your Honda Civic is showing a stored P0123 Honda trouble code, it means there’s a problem with the throttle position sensor or TPS in your 1.7 liter Honda. This sensor is primarily responsible for reading the…
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P0135 Toyota 1.8L – Test a Corolla 02 Sensor


When you have a P0135 Toyota trouble code, it can cause serious problems with drivability and gas mileage. This OBDII check engine code signals an issue with your front oxygen sensor heater wire and the specific wording to the code is Oxygen…
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P0430 Nissan 3.5L – Testing the Catalytic Converter


This P0430 Nissan OBDII trouble code refers to the emissions system in your 1995+ OBDII vehicle. The specific term for this check engine code is Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold. That means there is damage or something causing an excess…
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P0122 Chrysler 2.4L – Test a Sebring TPS Sensor


The P0122 Chrysler OBDII trouble code has to do with the throttle position sensor in your 2.4 liter Chrysler engine. The TPS is responsible for informing your ECU where the throttle blade sits and what percentage it has opened. Using…
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P0108 Chrysler 3.5L – Test a 300M MAP Sensor


The P0108 Chrysler OBDII trouble code relates to the Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor that is mounted to the intake manifold assembly of your 3.5 liter engine in your Chrysler 300M. Typically this check engine code means that your sensor is…
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