Monthly Archive: July 2015

P0131 Ford 3.0L – Test Ford Escape 02 Sensor


The P0131 Ford OBDII check engine trouble code in your 2001-2007 Ford Escape means that there’s an issue with your primary oxygen sensor. If your Ford check engine light is preventing you from passing your emissions test, you can use…
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P0106 Honda 1.6L – Test a Civic MAP Sensor


OBDII P0106 Honda trouble code is a troublesome one, and has to do with your Honda Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor or MAP. This check engine trouble code is known as P0106 and the specific Honda language around this code is for Manifold…
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P0505 Honda 1.6 – Test your Civic IAC


When you have a P0505 Honda OBDII trouble code, there’s something wrong with the idle air controller in your Honda. Today I’ll be showing you how to test your Civic IAC to resolve the Honda trouble code, and the specific model…
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