Our database of OBDII trouble code check engine codes and DIY how to’s for the Chrysler 2.0 liter engine

Chrysler Sebring P0108 – Test MAP Sensor

Chrysler Sebring P0108

The manifold absolute pressure sensor in your Chrysler Sebring is a huge part of your EFI system. As your engine is running the MAP sensor sends the real time values to your engine computer. Based on these signals the computer dictates…
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P0135 Dodge 2.0L – Test a Neon 02 Sensor


The heater element in your Dodge Neon oxygen sensor has triggered your P0135 Dodge OBDII DTC trouble code, and your Neon is running and idling rough. Common symptoms of the Dodge Primary Oxygen Sensor Heater Element failure can be from…
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