P1120 Ford 4.6L – Test a Crown Victoria TPS


The P1120 Ford OBDII check engine trouble code has to do with the throttle position sensor in your Ford Crown Victoria. This sedan is widely used and recognized as being used by peace officers as their main means of transport,…
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P0122 Ford 4.6L – Testing a Mustang TPS


Troubleshooting the throttle position sensor in your vehicle manually is not difficult at all, and it’s an important step if you want to resolve the P0122 Ford OBDII trouble code by yourself. The throttle position sensor or TPS is a sensor…
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P0102 Ford 4.6L – How To Test a MAF


The OBDII P0102 Ford trouble code is one that can cause serious problems with your vehicle and how it drives. This technical trouble code indicates that your mass air flow sensor (MAF) is sending a signal that is lower than…
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