A comprehensive look at Check Engine Trouble Codes for OBDII equipped Honda passenger cars and vans.

Honda Accord P0123 – Test your TPS Sensor

Honda Accord P0123

Over time the throttle sensor in your Honda Accord can go bad. When this happens your engine computer won’t know exactly how far you are opening the throttle body, and your Accord check engine light will turn on. Use a…
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Honda Civic P0135 Trouble Code – Test your O2 Sensor

Honda Civic P0135 Trouble Code 3

The Honda Civic P0135 trouble code in your late model Honda signifies an issue with your oxygen sensor heater element. The specific code for the P0135 OBDII trouble code is Primary Heated Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction. It means there’s a…
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Honda Odyssey P0300 Trouble Code – Locate Misfire

Odyssey P0300 4

When your scan tool is showing a Honda Odyssey P0300 OBDII DTC trouble code, it’s rarely a laughing matter. The specific language for this OBDII check engine code is Generic Engine Misfire or Random misfire. Because the Powertrain Control Module or…
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Honda Accord P1122 Trouble Code – Test your TPS

Honda Accord P1122 3

The Honda Accord P1122 OBDII trouble code is to indicate an excessive signal from your TPS. Specifically this Honda Accord P1122 code is for a Throttle Position Sensor Signal Higher Than Expected. Today I’ll be showing you how to resolve this…
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P0106 Honda 1.6L – Test a Civic MAP Sensor


OBDII P0106 Honda trouble code is a troublesome one, and has to do with your Honda Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor or MAP. This check engine trouble code is known as P0106 and the specific Honda language around this code is for Manifold…
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P0505 Honda 1.6 – Test your Civic IAC


When you have a P0505 Honda OBDII trouble code, there’s something wrong with the idle air controller in your Honda. Today I’ll be showing you how to test your Civic IAC to resolve the Honda trouble code, and the specific model…
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P0123 Honda 1.7L – How To Test Civic TPS


When the scan tool for your Honda Civic is showing a stored P0123 Honda trouble code, it means there’s a problem with the throttle position sensor or TPS in your 1.7 liter Honda. This sensor is primarily responsible for reading the…
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P0135 Honda 1.6L – Test a Civic 02 Sensor


This article is meant to assist you in resolving the OBDII P0135 Honda DTC Trouble Code, which relates to your primary oxygen sensor or Honda Civic 02 Sensor. The proper terminology for this trouble code is O2 Bank 1 Sensor 1 Heater…
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