Chevy Express P0141 Trouble Code – Test 02 Sensor

The Chevy Express P0141 check engine trouble code is a specific error that signifies that your rear catalytic converter may have failed. The specific code for the P1041 trouble code is Heater Performance Bank 1 Sensor 2. The Sensor 2 oxygen sensor is also known as the downstream 02 sensor. This sensor is mounted behind the catalytic converter and is primarily responsible for informing your engine whether or not the catalytic converter is working.

If your catalytic converter is failing or has failed, the signal from your secondary oxygen sensor will be overly rich. This will indicate to your onboard computer that your catalytic converter is no longer capable of operating due to excessive hydrocarbons. This code is an emissions related code, and although it does not affect your vehicle typically it can prevent you from passing your emissions test or smog test.

Today I’ll be showing you how to correct the Chevy Express P0141 trouble code in a 2004 Chevy Express van with a 6.0 liter engine in it. The Chevy Express P0141 check engine code can cause your Chevy van to run slightly rich.

Chevy Express P0141 Trouble Code - Test 02 Sensor 11

When you have the Chevy Express P0141 OBDII DTC stored in your Chevy computer, you will need to get under your van to reach the secondary 02 sensor. Once again this sensor is mounted AFTER your catalytic converter. Once you have found it, follow the wiring harness back and unplug the unit. You will need a multimeter to test the operation of this unit, and we’ll begin by checking for power and ground signals at the wiring harness.

Chevy Express P0141 Trouble Code - Test 02 Sensor

Under your Chevy Express you should be able to locate and unplug the rear or downstream oxygen sensor. You will need a multimeter to complete our Chevy Express P0141 How to guide. Using your multimeter you will be unplugging the engine harness to your downstream 02 sensor, and check the pins as shown in the diagram shown below.

Chevy Express P0141 Trouble Code - Test 02 Sensor 3

Make sure to test the ENGINE HARNESS side of the connector to begin with. The first wire you will be checking is the power wire. To do this you will need to insert your Express ignition key and turn to the “ON” position.

How to test your oxygen sensor power signal for your Chevy Express P0141 code

The wire you will be checking is PIN 4, which is a pink wire. Make sure to gently probe the front of the wiring connector, never force or shove the multimeter leads into the wiring harness. Doing so may damage the wiring harness and create a potential short or open condition in your wiring. Once you have checked the PINK wire for power, you should move onto PIN 3 for the ground signal.

This wire is a BLACK wire with a WHITE stripe in it. This wire will be a ground signal, and if it checks out with your multimeter, this means you have ground and power at the downstream oxygen sensor. If you have power and ground at this circuit, the final step of this guide is to test the internal resistance of your downstream oxygen sensor.

How to test your downstream 02 sensor internal resistance

The last step of fixing your Chevy Express P0141 check engine code is testing the internal resistance of your downstream 02 sensor. Put your multimeter to the OHMS setting and you will be measuring the OXYGEN sensor side of the wiring harness. Gently probe PIN 3 and PIN 4, and read the internal resistance of the downstream oxygen sensor. The internal resistance of this rear 02 sensor should be 4.5 Ω (Ohms).

If your rear 02 sensor doesn’t check out with these readings, it’s clearly gone out and needs to be replaced. Keep in mind that this doesn’t prove that your OBDII Chevy Express P0141 trouble code won’t return. Even though you replace your rear or downstream oxygen sensor, your catalytic converter may still be bad. Have any questions about the Chevy Express P0141 DTC? Leave us a comment below and let me know!

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