Chevy Impala P0101 Trouble Code – Test your MAF

The Chevy Impala P0101 check engine code refers to an issue with your mass air flow sensor or MAF. The MAF unit in your 3.5 liter Chevy engine is responsible for reading the incoming air charge to your engine. Your Chevy Impala engine computer uses this information to deliver the right amount of fuel, and fire your spark plugs correctly. Over time your mass air flow sensor can become clogged, fouled or fail completely. When this happens you’ll need a How To tutorial on testing a Chevy Impala 3.5 liter mass air flow sensor.

Today I’ll be showing you how to test your Chevy mass air flow sensor and correct a Chevy Impala P0101 OBDII trouble code. In order to do this you’ll need a digital multimeter to measure voltages at your MAF connector. The specific language for the P0101 trouble code is Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Circuit Range/Performance Problem.

Chevy Impala P0101 1

The mass air flow sensor range problem means that your Chevy MAF is not sending the right voltage signal to your engine computer. When this sensor doesn’t work properly your Chevy engine won’t run right. In order to begin you will need to open your Impala hood and locate the MAF sensor. It’s mounted to the air box and leads to your throttle body. There’s five wires in your Chevy Impala MAF connector, and we’ll begin with testing your sensor for power.

Testing your Chevy Impala MAF for Power

To correct your Chevy Impala P0101 trouble code, we’ll begin with the power signal to your mass air flow sensor. In order to power your sensor, insert your Impala key and turn it to the “ON” position. Now unplug your MAF sensor and you will be testing PIN 2 or the PINK wire with a BLACK stripe in it. Do not force the lead of your multimeter into the wiring connector, gently probe the metal pin inside the ENGINE side of the MAF harness.

Chevy Impala P0101 2

With the key turned to the “ON” position you should have 10-12 volts of DC power at this wire. Now if you have power here, you will be testing for the ground signal. this is PIN 3 or the BLACK wire with a WHITE stripe. Pins 4 and 5 are the Intake Air Temperature sensor, and are not related to correcting your Chevy Impala P0101 check engine light.

Testing your Chevy Impala MAF Signal

Now plug your mass air flow sensor back in, and make sure to stay clear of your engine and cooling fans. Start your engine and pierce PIN 1 which is the Chevy Impala MAF signal wire, which is YELLOW. You’ll be reading the Hz signal from this wire, and with your digital multimeter monitoring the voltage and the changes to it. Once your engine has warmed up, measure the signal wire which should read around 3.0-3.2 K Hertz at idle.

Raise your engine speed to 1500 RPM and the MAF signal should then rise to 4.0 – 4.2 K Hertz. Now increase your engine RPM to 2500 RPM and the signal should read between 5.0-5.2 K Hertz. If your Chevy mass air flow sensor doesn’t read properly or within these ranges, it’s time to replace your MAF sensor. Have any questions about this guide to fixing your Chevy Impala P0101 trouble code? Let me know below!

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