Chrysler Sebring P0108 – Test MAP Sensor

The manifold absolute pressure sensor in your Chrysler Sebring is a huge part of your EFI system. As your engine is running the MAP sensor sends the real time values to your engine computer. Based on these signals the computer dictates just how much fuel to deliver to your 2.0 liter or 2.5 liter Sebring engine. When this MAP sensor goes bad the engine in your car will run poorly and could even fail to start. If your Chrysler Sebring won’t start or you have a check engine light on, you’ll need a diagnostic tool to check what is happening. Without the right OBDII scan tool, you won’t be able to see what the problem is. Connecting the scan tool to your OBDII Diagnostic port will give you an indication of what is the matter. If you happen to see the Chrysler Sebring P0108 trouble code, it’s indicating a problem with your engine’s MAP sensor.

The specific language behind the Chrysler Sebring P0108 trouble code is Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Circuit High Voltage. Today I’ll be showing you how to test and correct the P0108 trouble code in a 2000 Sebring with the 2.5 liter engine in it. This OBDII tutorial also works for the 2.0 liter engine as well in case you were wondering.

Chrysler Sebring P0108 1

The MAP sensor in your Sebring is mounted by two 10mm bolts and has a vacuum line that runs from the intake manifold to the bottom of the unit. The engine harness that connects to the Sebring MAP sensor is a circular three pin model. In order to resolve your P0108 trouble code, you’ll be using a digital multimeter to test the operation of your pressure sensor.

Symptoms of a bad MAP sensor

  • Vehicle will not pass smog
  • Sebring won’t start
  • Poor idle
  • Bad gas mileage
  • Engine runs rich (too much fuel)
  • Car stalls

Testing the MAP sensor for the Chrysler Sebring P0108 trouble code

Although this test does apply for the V6 as well as the 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine, there are a few Sebrings out there with a four pin MAP sensor, not a three pin. If this happens to be the case, check the guide here for the four pin testing procedure. You will be unplugging the wiring harness from your MAP sensor and using the digital multimeter to test the harness side first.

This first part of the test will tell you whether or not your MAP sensor is getting power and ground. Because the P0108 is for a high voltage error however, the true test is in the second half. Begin by unplugging your Sebring MAP sensor and turning your ignition to the ON position.

Chrysler Sebring P0108 2

With the manifold absolute pressure sensor unplugged, go ahead and gently probe the front of the wire that leads to PIN C. This wire should be directly opposite of the locking tab on top of the MAP sensor itself. This wire should register around 5 volts of DC power with the key turned to the ON position. Once you’ve confirmed power here, switch the leads of your multimeter and test the wire that leads to PIN A.

To do this put the red lead to your positive battery terminal, and probe the front of PIN A with the black lead. If you see around 12 volts here your ground circuit is complete. Now for the second half of the test, which will involve measuring the voltage at the signal wire. The signal wire in question is the one that leads to PIN B. Reconnect the Sebring MAP sensor and strip away a section of wire or pierce the wire with your red multimeter lead.

With your engine off but the ignition turned to the ON position, you should see around 4.5 volts of signal at this wire. Make sure you keep your hands and tools clear of the engine, engine pulleys and the cooling fans. Now start the engine and allow it to idle if possible. Once you start the engine the MAP signal should decrease. The way the Sebring MAP sensor works is as vacuum increases, the signal willl decrease and as vacuum decreases, the signal voltage goes up.

If your MAP sensor does not respond properly, replace the sensor itself and use a OBDII scan tool to erase your Chrysler Sebring P0108 trouble code. Have any questions regarding this guide to correcting your Chrysler Sebring P0108 code? Leave us a comment below!

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