ELM OBDII Bluetooth Adapter Review

OBDII scan tools are evolving almost on a daily basis, thanks to the computing power of modern day cell phones. It used to be that if you needed a OBDII trouble code pulled from your vehicle, you needed an expensive proprietary cable and software running on a laptop. Nowadays people can do without the cable, and connect via Bluetooth directly to their Android phone using Torque Pro or the free version of the OBDII software. Today we’ll be looking at the ELM family of OBDII Bluetooth Adapter and showing you how to use Torque Pro in connection with the wireless scanner.

OBDII Bluetooth Adapter 1The OBDII Bluetooth Adapter we are reviewing is the shorter version of the ELM family. Although there are bigger units with LED lights and additional features, this unit is perfect for it’s small and compact form factor. Simply put it gets the job done for almost 95% of all check engine trouble codes or service lights in question.

This particular model is made for your Android powered smartphone and it’s extremely easy to use. To begin using this OBDII Bluetooth Adapter, simply connect your Android phone to the Google store and download either the free version of Torque Pro or pay the 5 dollars for the premium version.

What’s the difference between Torque Pro and Torque Pro Free?

Torque Pro gives you more choice when it comes to car profiles, which can be an issue if you have a trouble code that needs certain communication parameters. If you intend on using your OBDII Bluetooth Adapter on multiple vehicles, it’s a good idea to invest 5 dollars in the unlocked version.

Once you have the ELM OBDII Bluetooth Adapter connected to your OBDII port, you can begin by starting up the Torque Pro application and activating your wireless Bluetooth. Your Android cell phone should connect to the ELM OBDII scan tool. If it doesn’t connect make sure the wireless OBDII scanner is being powered up. Insert your ignition key and turn it to the “ON” position.

OBDII Bluetooth Adapter 2

If you aren’t sure about how to connect your OBDII scanner, check our guide here to learn more about the procedure.

Connecting to your OBDII Bluetooth Adapter

With your Bluetooth turned on in your cell phone should prompt you for the connection code. For the ELM family of wireless Bluetooth OBDII adapters, the connection code should be one of 3 codes shown below.

ELM OBDII Bluetooth Adapter connection codes – 0000, 1234, 6789, 2000

When you have the OBDII Bluetooth Adapter connected, you can go into the OBD Check Fault codes to read the stored alphanumeric codes. If you are looking to troubleshoot your vehicle on the fly, you can also select the Realtime information tab to read the engine vitals on the fly.

OBDII Bluetooth Adapter torque pro

As far as ease of use and efficiency, this ELM series of OBDII Bluetooth Adapter is one of the best. With instructions that anyone can use, you’ll be connecting to your car and reading the stored OBDII trouble codes almost immediately. We used a Note 4 for our testing purposes and we found the refresh rate to be quite excellent. The cost of this ELM OBDII Bluetooth Adapter is relatively cheap on our store, and you can also find this product through various online stores.

Highlights of the ELM OBDII Bluetooth Adapter

  • Easy to Use
  • Wireless
  • Wide range of features through Torque Pro
  • Medium refresh rate

Simply put this ELM OBDII Bluetooth Adapter is an excellent choice for the weekend mechanic or the do-it-yourselfer. Learn more through our selection of OBDII scan tools in our online website, or check out this ELM model here. Have any questions regarding this part? Leave us a comment below and don’t forget to check out Torque Pro here.

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