Ford Escape P0117 Trouble Code – Test your ECT Sensor

When your OBDII check engine light returns as a Ford Escape P0117 trouble code on your scan tool, this means there’s an issue with your coolant temperature. The engine coolant temperature sensor is a two pin unit that the engine computer uses to determine how hot or cold your Ford engine is. When your scan tool reports a Ford Escape P0117 check engine code, the specific verbiage for this code is Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Circuit Low Input.

The P0117 check engine code in your Ford Escape means that your ECT is seeing a temperature of -40° F degrees or lower. There’s also a corresponding trouble code of P0118 that signifies your ECT sensor is reading 250° F (121° C) or higher. Today I’ll be showing you how to test your engine coolant temperature sensor in a 2007 Ford Escape with a 3.0 Duratec engine in it.

Ford Escape P0117 1

If your Ford Escape temperature meter is very low and your engine is warmed up, chances are your ECT sensor is bad. There’s a few symptoms from a bad Ford ECT sensor that are usually easy to fix or address. Although for the P0117 check engine light is for a low engine coolant temperature sensor signal, this really means that your engine temperature reading is very low.

Symptoms of a Ford Escape P0117 trouble code

Because your Escape coolant sensor read your coolant temperature, when your engine computer does not have the right signal your 3.0 liter Ford engine will run rich ( too much fuel). Here’s a few symptoms that may affect your Ford Escape when you have this P0117 OBDII code.

  • BAD gas mileage.
  • Engine is hard to start
  • Engine does not start
  • Stored DTC and Check Engine Light ON

Ford Escape P0117 2

To correct your P0117 trouble code you’ll need a scan tool to diagnose what is going on with your vehicle. Before you begin this DIY tutorial, open your hood and take a look at you ECT sensor. Inspect the wiring and two pin connector to make sure there’s no exposed wires or a short anywhere in the wiring that’s obvious. When your Ford engine computer triggers the P0117 check engine light, there’s a few reasons why this could happen.

  1. Ford ECT Sensor connector wires have shorted to ground
  2. Coolant temp sensor wires are touching or shorting out on each other
  3. Ford ECT sensor has failed
  4. Engine computer is bad

Ford Escape Coolant Temperature Sensor

If your wiring doesn’t show any signs of damage or exposed wiring, start up your Ford Escape and allow it to warm up. Once warm check your coolant temperature sensor. If you have a OBDII scan tool ready, plug it in and read what temperature is being reported to your engine computer. If your engine coolant temperatures read around -40° F even after you’ve started the engine and allowed it to warm up, this means there’s something wrong with your ECT sensor.

Remove the bad sensor and install a replacement right away, you can then use your scan tool to clear any stored OBDII DTC trouble code. Have any questions about this Ford Escape P0117 guide? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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