Ford Fusion P0107 Trouble Code – Test your MAP Sensor

When your manifold absolute pressure sensor begins to fail in your Ford, your engine computer will trigger your check engine light. The Ford Fusion P0107 trouble code refers to an issue with your MAP sensor. This sensor is responsible for reading barometric pressure in your intake manifold and helping the engine computer calculate load. When your trouble code comes back as a Ford Fusion P0107 OBDII check engine light, your Fusion engine won’t run right.

Today I’ll be showing you how to fix your Ford Fusion P0107 trouble code by testing the MAP sensor in a 2014 Ford Fusion. If you want to test the pressure sensor in your 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine, you will need a digital multimeter. This device will help you measure the voltage at the three pin MAP sensor that’s mounted inside if your intake manifold runners.

Ford Fusion P0107 Trouble Code – Test your MAP Sensor

Because of the location of the manifold pressure sensor, it’s a good idea to work on your car when it’s cold. This minimizes the chance of your cooling fans kicking on, which can cause severe injury to you or damage to your tools. Because the exhaust of the 2014 Ford Fusion faces towards the firewall, the manifold pressure sensor is mounted towards the front of the car.

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The 3 pin MAP sensor is actually made up of 4 pins, although the 3rd pin or wire is empty. Using your multimeter this guide will help you clear your Ford Fusion P0107 OBDII trouble code. In order to test the Fusion MAP sensor, you will need to insert your ignition key and turn to the “ON” position to power up your engine sensors.

Now that you engine sensors are activated and powered up, you can begin testing for power, ground and signal at your pressure sensor. The specific language behind the OBDII P0107 trouble code is Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric Pressure Sensor Low Input. Your Ford engine computer will turn on your check engine light when the voltage signal from your MAP sensor is far lower than what it’s expecting. Although we’ll be testing for power and ground in this tutorial, the real part of fixing your Ford Fusion P0107 OBDII code is testing the signal of you MAP sensor.

Testing your MAP sensor signal

In order to test your MAP sensor, we’ll begin with the power and ground wires. Locate your manifold absolute pressure sensor and disconnect the engine wiring harness. This harness is again a four pin housing although there’s just 3 wires as you will see.

Ford Fusion P0107 Trouble Code – Test your MAP Sensor 3

With the Fusion MAP sensor disconnected, go ahead and gently probe the front of PIN 4 for a ground signal. Now check PIN 2 for a switched power signal, and you should see around 5 volts of DC power here with the key turned to the “ON” position. If you have power and ground at these wires, the last part of our tutorial is PIN 1, which is the signal wire for your Ford Fusion.

Ford Fusion MAP Sensor 124


PIN 1 is the signal wire for your manifold absolute pressure sensor. To test this last step of our DIY MAP sensor test, you will need to plug your manifold pressure back in. Now that it’s reconnected you will be piercing PIN 1 with your multimeter probe. You can expose the wiring so that you are piercing the signal wire far away from your cooling fans. Never attempt this test with your tools or hands anywhere near your engine or your cooling fans.

With your hands, tools and clothing free and clear of your engine and cooling fans, turn on your engine. Monitor the signal at idle and the signal from your manifold pressure sensor should be between .7-.9 volts of DC power. If you see your voltage very low or around .2-.4 volts of DC power, it’s a sign that your MAP sensor has failed.

For further testing you can also use a hand pump. Remove your MAP sensor from the intake manifold and you will be testing the pressure sensor using a vacuum pump to apply pressure at the MAP sensor inlet.

Have any questions about our DIY testing procedure to fix the Ford Fusion P0107 OBDII trouble code? Leave us a message below and let us know!

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