Honda Odyssey P0300 Trouble Code – Locate Misfire

When your scan tool is showing a Honda Odyssey P0300 OBDII DTC trouble code, it’s rarely a laughing matter. The specific language for this OBDII check engine code is Generic Engine Misfire or Random misfire. Because the Powertrain Control Module or your computer cannot locate and specify the cylinder that is having the misfire specifically, it can be confusing and difficult to track down the problem ignition coil.

Today I will be showing you how to locate misfire in a 2001 Honda Odyssey 3.5 liter van. You will not need any specific tools to locate and find the problem cylinder. You will need a 10mm socket as well as a standard screwdriver in order to remove the J35 engine cover however.

How to find misfire in a Odyssey P0300 trouble code

You will begin by opening your hood and removing the plastic engine shield so that you can reach all of your coil on plugs. Because your 3.5 liter Odyssey uses coil on ignition coils, we will locate the problem cylinder by unplugging one cylinder at a time. As always when working around your engine bay, keep yourself and your clothing clear of the engine and drive belts as well as the cooling fan.

Begin by removing the 10mm bolts that hold the plastic shield to the intake manifold.

Odyssey P0300 1

There are four total 10mm bolts that must be removed before you move on.

Odyssey P0300 5

Now using your flathead screwdriver, undo the front plastic rivets that secure the spark plug covers. These are the plastic shields with the words 3.5 liter VTEC across them.

Odyssey P0300 4

There’s two plastic rivets that must be loosened to pull off the plastic covers. Once you have both sides taken off, you can remove the top of the engine cover.

Odyssey P0300 8

You should now be able to access the entire 3.5 liter engine. From this point you will need to start your engine. If your car doesn’t want to idle, try to have a friend maintain the engine idle by holding the engine speed or RPMs steady.

Now begin our test by unplugging your coil on ignition coils, one at a time.

Odyssey P0300 9

Listen to the engine to determine which cylinder is the problem one. When you unplug one of these ignition coils, and your engine doesn’t change much it’s a clear sign that you’ve found the source of your Odyssey P0300 trouble code.

Test one cylinder at a time until you have found the issue, and replace it with a direct fit ignition coil. Once you have replaced the problem ignition coil you can clear your trouble code with the appropriate OBDII scan tool. Have any questions about this Odyssey P0300 guide? Leave them for me below and let me know!

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