P0075 Nissan 3.5L – How To Test Your VTC Valve

The P0075 Nissan code is a lot like the P1110 code in that it is a OBDII DTC Trouble code that shows you that something is wrong with the Variable Timing Control valve in your 3.5L Nissan or Infiniti VQ35DE engine. P0075 and P0081 are both codes that have to do with the variable timing control solenoids in the VQ35DE. This is the brother of OBDII check engine code P1135 for the driver side or left hand side VTC module, and can also be accompanied by P0011 for Infiniti models. Many times this problem with the VTC solenoids can lead to knocking noises and poor fuel economy.

I’m going to be showing you how to locate, test and remove the variable timing control solenoid in your VQ35 on a 2005 Infiniti G35 AWD, which will resolve the P1110 or related codes.


What does the VTC do?

The Nissan / Infiniti Powertrain Control Module has the ability to use the variable timing control solenoid to change the camshaft phases as driving needs dictate. Meaning the ECU will adjust how far advanced or retarded the intake cam will adjust itself to provide superior mid range and low end torque and performance.

The PCM relays real time pulse duty cycles to this variable timing control solenoid, which in turn adjusts the intake valve timing to increase low speed and midrange horsepower and torque.

Where is the VTC located?

The VQ35DE variable timing control solenoids are located in front of the engine and mounted to the side of the cylinder head. It’s connected by a two pin weatherproof green connector and is secured by 10mm bolts. If you have an existing P1110 OBDII check engine code, you will need to replace and test this unit before clearing your PCM memory or DTC codes.

The similar steps to cleaning, testing and replacing the VTC solenoid on your VQ35 applies to FX35, 350Z, Maximas and many other car and truck applications. Before doing this How to tutorial, you might want to check your oil and change it, because problems can arise from dirty oil clogging your solenoids.


We’ll be replacing the passenger side VTC solenoid today, or Bank 1 for those scoring at home. Removal and testing of this variable timing control solenoid is easy and very straightforward, and can be completed in just a day.


First remove the 10mm nuts that hold the upper engine cover in place, once these 10mm nuts are removed, take off the entire engine cover and shroud. Now that this cover is removed, locate your passenger side (Bank 1) VTC solenoid.


To unplug this passenger side VTC solenoid however, you will need to either take off the front coolant hose or remove the VTC unit all together. I’m not going to cut any corners here and just remove the coolant hose so that I can test the unit and harness easily.


Now that you have the connector removed, you can move ahead and remove the 10mm bolts of different lengths that hold the variable timing controller in place.


Undo the 10mm bolts and pull them out to gently remove and free your intake variable timing solenoid from your VQ35DE.


Nissan and Infiniti both call for you to check oil pressure after this unit is removed, or at least flush the holes and passageways of debris.


Once you have your variable timing controller taken off, you should crank the motor over once just to pump some oil through the oil passages and clear out and possible debris. Clean and prep the surface carefully for the installation of your replacement timing solenoid and new gasket.


You are now ready to install the new 3.5L Nissan / Infiniti 3.5L variable intake timing control solenoid, make sure to tighten to factory specifications and always flush the oil passages out when you have the unit off.

Have any questions about this job or any part of clearing your P0075 Nissan code?? Leave me a message below!



    I have a 2001 nissan pathfinder,I have a code p1110,the engine is great except when I’m driving it,I feel like the car has low end torque issue,I have to constantly keep the engine on rpm ,and I also have really bad mpg

    1. John Huh (Post author)

      Hi Steve, couple of questions for you :

      did you try checking your VTC valve? Does your condition change when you unplug the VTC valve and try to drive the truck?

      Thanks for commenting, let me know and I can try to point the way!

  2. Mike

    How do you test the VCT solenoid to see if it’s faulty?

  3. steeve david nicolas

    i didn’t try that,but do u think that could be the reason why i have bad mpg?since i constantly to keep my feet on the gas up to 2500 rpm to keep up the speed like 50 mph

    1. John Huh (Post author)

      Hi Steve, so quick question are you saying that your VQ engine won’t idle right? or is the RPM dropping too fast as you are trying to maintain speed like 50 mph?

    2. Lucky

      You Sir/Madam are the enemy of confusion everhwyere!

      1. John Huh (Post author)

        Thank you I guess? 🙂

  4. Leticia

    I have a nissan sentra 2004 and the check engine light is on i got a code P0011. I change the camshaft sensor but the light is still on. The mecanic said it could be the intake valve timing control is that possible???

    1. John Huh (Post author)

      Hi Leticia, thanks for reading!

      Couple of questions for you and yes, the VTC malfunctioning could cause a P0011 trouble code.

      1. do you hear a noise from your intake VTC? Most of the time you’ll hear clicking or a humming noise
      2. Have you replaced or checked the gasket to the VTC? 99% of the time there’s something blocking or debris that’s messing up the VTC
      3. Try checking the VTC valve to see if that’s the culprit.

      Thanks for commenting and let us know how it turns out!


    Hey, that’s what it is , the rpm drop really quick, it won’t keep up, it idle fine, but my mpg sucks, every now and then,I have a check engine light for p1110,and I have to rev really high to keep up speed

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