P0102 Mitsubishi 2.0L – How To Test a MAF

OBDII DTC P0102 Mitsubishi Trouble code is triggered by a problem with your vehicle’s mass air flow sensor (MAF). In the Mitsubishi OBDII specific verbiage it’s called Volume Airflow Circuit Low Input. I’ll be showing you how to test this today in a 2005 Mitsubishi Evolution VIII, and giving you a good idea where your P0102 is coming from.

The mass air flow meter is primarily your ECU’s eyes and ears to the conditions and volume of the incoming air charge. This information allows your ECU to not only provide the smoothest most efficient engine combustion possible, but also keeps things together when you’re having some high speed fun. This specific OBDII trouble code is telling you that the data being sent by your 4G63 MAF is far lower than what it’s expecting.

I’ll be showing you how to test the mass air flow meter in a 2005 Evo and giving you the testing procedure to resolve your P0102 OBDII Trouble code.


Possible Causes of P0102 Volume Airflow Circuit Low Input

  • Failed MAF
  • Short or break in MAF wiring
  • Dirty Sensor
  • Unseated or unplugged MAF

Where is my MAF located?


The Mitsubishi Evolution mass air flow meter is mounted to the factory air box, and will require the removal of the entire airbox assembly in order to replace. You can however get creative if you disconnect the turbo inlet snorkel and reach under to probe the MAF connections and wiring pinout.


How To Check MAF for Power





If you are going to be testing the mass air flow meter for power, you will need to reach under your factory airbox to unplug the MAF connector. This may be a tad difficult to reach, so please refer to the next section “How To Remove your MAF” for further information.



You will be checking the mass air flow meter for power and ground, to make sure that it’s receiving the power it needs to function.


The primary wires you will be testing are PIN 4 and PIN 5, remember you will be checking on the harness side not the MAF side. Refer to our Evolution mass air flow meter wiring pinout below.



Take your multimeter and place the black negative lead to the negative terminal on your battery. Then gently touch the front of PIN 4 or the orange wire with red stripe. You should have 12 volts here with your ignition set to the “ON” position.

If you have 12 volts here at this pin, check the black wire or PIN 5 for a low reference ground signal. Lastly check the air intake temperature sensor power wire at PIN 1, or the gray wire with black stripe for 5 volts of switched power.

How To Remove your MAF


The Mitsubishi MAF is part number MD343605 and to replace your MAF, you will need a standard screwdriver and a deep socket 10mm. To begin, disconnect the negative terminal on your battery and remove the plastic push pins that hold the air ram scoop in place.



With this scoop removed, you need to loosen the hose clamps that hold your blow off valve in the intake snorkel.



Now loosen the clamp that connects the intake tract to your turbo inlet. Loosen this clamp and your snorkel should now be free to move, leaving the 10mm bolts that secure the airbox in place.



Remove all the 10mm bolts that secure the air box and lift the entire air box assembly up and out of the engine bay. Now undo the 10mm nuts that hold the mass air flow meter in place, don’t forget to unplug your MAF first!



Once you’ve replaced the mass air flow meter, use a handy scan tool to clear your OBDII P0102 Mitsubishi trouble code. You have now serviced your 4G63 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Mass air flow meter! Congratulations!

Have any questions about this procedure or any other part of the Mitsubishi Evolution? Leave me a comment or question below!


  1. khan stephens

    on the air flow sensor what does pin number 2 3 6 and 7 do?

    1. John Huh (Post author)

      Hi Khan, are you working with a turbo DSM MAF or a non turbo 2.0 liter engine?

      1. Tony

        Can you tell me what all the pins (1-7) are used for? I’m using this MAF for a project and need to know how to use it to measure airflow. The MAF I have is MD343605.

        Thanks for any help!

        1. John Huh (Post author)

          Hey Tony, that part number seems like a 2g Eclipse or Mitsubishi MAF? Check out my other article here sir :


          That should give you the entire rundown. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Yanick

    I test my maf on my 99 eclipse gsx and i get 0.3v on idle,as i rev it up it will climb to about 2 volts and dive to 0 is this normal, i cleaned it and its still doing it

    1. John Huh (Post author)

      Hi Yanick, couple of questions. Does your 4G63T engine run normally? And when does the Eclipse MAF voltage dip to 0? At what RPM? Do you have a stock intake boot? or an upograded intake pipe?

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