P1111 – Nissan – Intake Valve Timing Control Bank 1

The OBDII trouble code of P1111 is for the variable intake valve timing in your Nissan Infiniti. This solenoid controls the valve timing on the intake side of your vehicle. Electronic valve control gives your engine superior performance at low engine speeds and better fuel efficiency. The Intake Valve Timing Control unit can also be called the IVT or the VTC solenoid.

The P1111 Nissan OBDII trouble code means there’s a problem with your Intake Valve Timing Control unit or the gasket between your cylinder head and the solenoid. If this intake valve timing solenoid gasket becomes clogged or ripped, it can cause a loss of engine oil pressure. This can lead to premature engine damage when left alone and not corrected. To prevent this from happening make sure that your solenoid is good by using a digital multimeter to test it, and inspect your gasket.

P1110 - A

When your IVT solenoid goes bad, it can trigger your Nissan trouble code. Replacing your intake valve controller can restore your Nissan engine and clear your OBDII trouble code of P1111. The Nissan check engine code of P1110 is also related to this issue, and is often found in conjunction with this trouble code.

P1111 Possible symptoms

  • Inconsistent performance
  • IVT chatter or clicking sound from engine
  • Very bad gas mileage
  • Check Engine Light ON

P1111 Description

P1111 is typically a Nissan only code although it can be found in other makes and models. Chances are that your P1111 engine code will not represent a variable intake valve timing controller issue if you don’t own a Nissan or Infiniti. If you are not sure what your OBDII check engine light means, make sure to check our manufacturer tables to determine the code meaning.


Most of the time you can simply check the operation of your Intake valve controller by using a multimeter to test the internal resistance of the unit. You might also be able to clear the oil passages and the gasket to fix this issue. If your P111 trouble code doesn’t go away even after you replace the variable intake valve timing controller, you may need to check your engine wiring harness. Once you have your variable timing control repaired, you can use a simple OBDII scan tool to erase any stored codes.

Have problems with your Intake valve timing guide or IVT valve or the VTC valve? Leave us a message below and ask your question. Make sure to leave your year, make and model and we’ll be glad to assist you in any way we can.

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