P1113 – IAT Sensor Open/Short

When your check engine code shows up as a P1113 OBDII trouble code, it means there’s a problem with your Intake Air Temperature sensor. This sensor is also known as the IAT sensor or AIT sensor depending on which make or model you own. The air that’s coming into your engine will vary depending on the conditions and how long you have been driving. You IAT sensor is needed because colder air is denser and thus will require changes to your fuel curve as your air gets hotter or colder.

So when your throttle body opens as you depress your accelerator pedal, more air will enter your engine. To successfully deliver the right amount of fuel and ensure that your engine is working within the correct parameters, your Air Intake Temperature sensor relays important information to your engine computer. When the Intake Air Temperature sensor starts going bad, you will see several symptoms that will affect your engine driveability.


Some of these symptoms can be serious and that’s because a failed Intake Air Temperature sensor can cause your car to run overly rich. When this happens there’s an excess amount of hydrocarbons in your exhaust, which can cause your catalytic converter to fail prematurely. Considering the cost of an IAT sensor versus the cost of a catalytic converter, and the ease in which you can install a new sensor it makes sense to replace your IAT sooner than later.

When your Air Intake Temperature sensor begins to go bad your engine computer won’t be able to adjust the fuel delivery curve and will store the P1113 OBDII trouble code. This stored Diagnostic Trouble Code can cause your engine to run poorly and less efficiently, and prevent you from passing your emissions test.

Symptoms of P1113 trouble code

  • Excessively rich exhaust
  • Bad fuel economy
  • Black soot from tail pipe
  • Check engine light ON

P1113 Description

Because the P1113 trouble code refers to an open or short, this could be a problem with your engine harness. Although replacing your IAT sensor could resolve this issue, many times it’s not this simple. Most Intake Air Temperature sensors are two wire units, which makes diagnosis easy to do. Locate your IAT wiring harness and trace back the wiring to ensure that there’s no open wires or short that exists.

Check for corrosion on your wire terminals and exposure of the wires at your air temperature wiring connector. This will typically correct any issues that you have with the P1113 engine code. You can eliminate the possibility of your intake temperature sensor being the problem with the use of a digital multimeter. If you aren’t sure what that is or have zero clue on how to use one check this guide here. Using your digital multimeter, you can test the internal resistance of the intake air temperature to see if this sensor is any good.

The P1113 OBDII trouble code is a generic code and usually means a short or open condition with your air intake temperature sensor. Given that however there is a small chance that your check engine light means something else depending on your year, make and model. To erase your OBDII trouble code, you’ll need a scan tool to do so.

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